Wednesday, April 17, 2013


Whats up fools.
Its been about 3-4 months since I've updated. :( I swear its not my fault, work and life just got in the way.
I'll try to not abandon this again and try to keep it a weekly thing, which will perhaps push me to do more shoots as well.
Speaking of which, i had lots of shoots planned but scheduling problems kept stopping my progress.
I'll probably contact a friend and do one sometime this month!

Work-wise my stint at a backpackers hostel is going AWESOME. I love talking to these travelers and hearing about their lives. Some of them have traveled for a year, 2 years, a really long time. Exploring the world seeing things that you cant see by sitting in front of a computer trying to accumulate cash. Quite a sobering thought.
Sometimes i don't ask them and just wonder about what they are doing and the things they gave up to go on this adventure. I hope one day i'll have this courage.
I've had thoughts recently, I may take a week of two off before Uni to back pack through Canada to see the world that i one day, want to live in.

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