Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Oh hey im not dead.

So hi.
This is awkward.

I havent posted in half a year BUT i'll try to, more often.
I've come up with a plan, a proposition, an ingenuity.
I will write stuff i want to post in my phone through the week and on fridays or saturdays or sundays, I SHALL POST IT.

 Anywhooo, much has happened over this time.
1) Im now in J2 which means i have about 5 months left to A levels. (everytime i remember this, i die a little bit inside.)

2) I was part of a team that put together a video for my school's Humanities department. So proud of myself and i have the vid i just dont know how to share it. :/

3) My poetry got featured in The Unexposed Mag, which is an independent online magazine. Im on page 40 and 41 woot woot.

4) I got feature on a well, which is a site that seeks out the artist in our society.

Its an amazing feeling to see your name put in print beside something you've made, i reckon its like giving birth to a child. hmm.

well in other news i have a shoot on 30th june, which will be my one and only shoot till after A levels. Im super stoked for it.
And recently my inspiration for writing has started to slowly seeped back, its magical. i dont know who still reads this, but i'll try to post regularly from now on. And here's few shots to make up for the lost months :)

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