Wednesday, November 16, 2011

My latest shoot. it went well. 
i want to give up on my self and photography. 
im not good enough and never willl be. 
i dont know why im still doing all this. 
No one likes anything that i do anyway. 


  1. You know, the trouble with photography is that to most people you're creating something they'll look at for maybe 5 seconds. Sometimes you'll get one that they might consider for longer, but photographs are there to be consumed. The point is, that I'm coming to realise that the photographers that make it are the ones that keep doing it and keep creating lots and lots of photographs that while individually last maybe 5 seconds, together make a body of work and a photographer's style.

    But to be a bit more objective, you can take a photograph that's in focus, exposed well, the white balance is right, the composition is nice... so technically you seem competent enough, right? So what's missing? And the answer ties in with your assumption people don't like it... like, do people even see it? Are you getting it out there? Are you marketing it and getting exposure? That's the key thing I think between a good photographer and a not good photographer - not just the "am I good at this and can I take a nice photo"... but also the "Can I market this, can I get exposure, can I get people to even see it for those 5 seconds?" If you haven't already, contact Alexis, Nylon and Catalog magazines. They're all looking out for contributors, or at least the last I saw they were.

    And in a way, you're in the best place if you're thinking of giving up, because you've got nothing to lose by giving it all you've got, you know? But also, no-one ever said it'd be easy, it's why so few people make it in creative industries, because it's hard and tough and there's only one person that can make it happen... and that's you.

    And just to let you know, I like them. I like the last one in particular. So someone likes it, and that means there must be at least a few more, right?

  2. Thank you so much for your comment . Its made me look at things in another way. :)