Saturday, October 23, 2010

LaModeOutre Shoot and PHOTOGRAPHY GOALS!

La Mode Outre is a street style blog that has been featured in several local and international publications such as Harper's Bazaar and Her World.

The Founder of the site James Bent spotted the photo that i took of kristie on her lookbook and contacted her.
she asked me along and
and he may be collaborating with her again in the future.

Personally i'm kinda really glad i gave the canon photo marathon a miss and went with her instead.
Mr low from my secondary school invited me but i didn't think it was worth the shot since from all the forums i read.
"top three winners always canon user"

such is life >:(

anyway! here are some photos from the shoot.:)


anyway i though it would be time i listed out a new list of photography goals :) since i already met a few of the last :)

1) sell my first print

2) Print exchange on flickr

3) win a competition .... gain recognition in some way

hopefully i get these done by next year. :)

btw btw btw i have more shoots planned!!!

1) Dance shoot?

2)Horses Shoot with kritie and yanyi

3) some one i haven't gotten the courage to ask for a shoot yet:)
when i eventually do it, you'll know who it was.

kk looooong post :)
nights !


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