Thursday, April 29, 2010

Joycelyn and Debbie and Yuying and Alex photoshoot

this time alex is NOT the model. :D
the shoot was for Monsta Ink, which is Yuying and Joy's label.
and also for joy's Lolita skirts and dresses.

all are on sale.
i'll post their link soon so you guys can go visit and patronize. :)

but photography-wise
this shoot was NOOOT successful at all.. :( T.T
the location was my bad.
and the sun was horrible.

but on a happier note. i have more shoots planned
1. Rain photoshoot with Alex.
2. MonstaInk and Lolita shoot 2
3. Reon? but not confirmed, depends on whether iris and leon need me :D

i missed my photo a week for last week. T.T

Cheers Ya'll

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